Make a Difference

Why go Cruelty-free?

I have to admit, when I am in a store I often forget that there are separate isles with ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘vegan’, ‘cruelty free’ products.  Most of us have routines and try to be efficient when it comes to grocery and household shopping. It can be quite hard to keep in mind that there are alternatives out there. You’ve been buying a particular product for years, it is working and the price is great. So why all a sudden you would want to stray from something you know really well to something new? Perhaps, the new product is more expansive and more importantly you don’t know if it will work as well or even better than your ‘tried and true’.

Well, perhaps, it is the bigger picture, for example, the idea you stand for or an ethical reason, you want your voice to be heard or you want to make a difference in a community or worldwide.

Making a difference is my personal favorite. It is simple as day and really easy to achieve. Moreover, anyone (and by anyone, I mean ANYONE) can do it! You probably think that one person will not make a difference, but this is not true. It starts with one individual, one mind set and grows in a trend or a lifestyle.

I came to learn that 80% of the word up to this day let animals be tested for cosmetics’ and household products’ production


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