Animal testing in China

China has one of the biggest beauty markets in the world. It attracts a large amount of companies from around the globe who are eager to get in the market and sell their products.

One very important thing to consider is that in China it is required by law that cosmetics and household products have to be tested on animals before products can hit the shelves.

Some companies, for example Lush refuse to sell their products to China, because they strongly oppose animal testing.  

A number of companies, that position themselves as cruelty-free choose to sell to China. That means that when the products make it over there, most likely they will be tested on animals. Sometimes even an end product could be taken off the shelves at any time in order to undergo testing. That means that the company in reality is not so cruelty-free.

While reading Logical harmony blog, I came to find out that approximately 300,000 animals were used in testing for cosmetics production in China in 2015

This does not mean that everybody in China supports animal cruelty.  On June 30, 2014 China made first small steps in changing some of their policy regarding ‘ordinary cosmetics’

On January 12, 2016 China has filed a draft targeted at reducing animal testing for some cosmetics

I think China is slowly but surely makes progress and a step forward towards incorporating alternative methods in the production of cosmetics and household products. I believe international companies should think twice before selling their products to countries like China, as this may encourage more animal testing in the future.

If you care about animals and would like to make a difference, go to and make your voice heard, by signing the petition to help stop animal suffering.


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