Is Method cruelty-free?

Method has been a favorite of many consumers for years. A cruelty-free, natural, affordable, and widely available brand that offers household cleaning and personal hygiene products. Sleek fun packaging, plus all the limited signature and seasonal editions are always super intriguing!

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For more pictures of Method products go to Method’s Instagram.

Ecover, a Belgium-based eco-friendly company, bought Method (US) in 2012, thus becoming its parent company. According to Ecover made the following statement:

““We share completely the ideals of the BUAV and none of our products have been or will be tested on animals,” says Mick Bremans, Ecover’s Managing Director speaking from Ecover’s factory in Belgium.”

This became controversial when it turned out that the company tested on Daphnia, according to

Ecover are testing their products on Daphnia (microscopic water fleas), something which came to light last year when the Vegan Society withdrew their stamp of approval for Ecover products.

According to LogicalHarmony:

Daphnia testing is done to check aquatic toxicity and the impact that products may have on the environment and animals when they go down the drain. This sort of testing was very common in the late 1970’s and 1980’s but is not commonly used anymore. I have talked to government groups in the US, UK, and EU and while these tests do still happen, they are not common. Neither the US, UK, or EU requires that brands do these tests to assure or to demonstrate product safety or aquatic toxicity.

In July, 2016 Method (UK) announced that they decided to change their policy and start to test on Daphnia as well. According to LogicalHarmony:

“This testing is happening only in the UK and not in the US, but that doesn’t change how I feel about it. It’s very very sad to see brands change their ways and start to take part in these sorts of tests. Especially when it’s a brand that you have known to be one you can trust.”

I do agree with Tashina Combs from LogicalHarmony. It doesn’t matter in which country the company tests on animals, it matters that they still chose this unethical way even when they did not have to. I’m also worried about Method (US) and feel like one of these days they may announce the same news as Method (UK).

Both Ecover and Method remain to be LeapingBunny certified, as they do not consider Daphnia testing to be the same as animal testing.

According to LogicalHarmony, Daphnia is not really considered to be an animal:

Because daphnia are invertebrates, they are not covered by all cruelty-free definitions out there as invertebrates are often not considered to be animals in the same sense that others are. It’s viewed that testing on invertebrates is different than testing on a vertebrate such as a fish, water mammal, or water bird.

The news that Method followed the lead of their parent company and started testing on Daphnia made a lot of loyal consumers outraged.

It is always sad to find out that your favorite brand you’ve trusted for years changed what they stand for. What do you think of Method? Have you ever tried anything from this brand? What do you think about testing on Daphnia? Share your opinion, I would love to hear!




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