Imagine you are in a store buying a bar of soap. Simple as that. There are two bars of soap in front of you, both have the same price for the same amount of product. You are intrigued and not quite sure what to go for. You start examining both products and find out that one has a different ingredient list and marketed as a ‘cruelty-free’ product. Considering the fact that both products do the same job, what would you end up buying? Indeed, me too.

Since I was a little kid, I was always passionate about animals. I would often go outside to play and come back home with a stray pup or a kitten in my hands. I am now a proud owner of a yellow lab Max. He is my best furry friend who inspired me to create this blog and learn more about animal testing in the development of household products and cosmetics.

I will not be ‘greenwashing’ you, everybody is different and I respect everybody’s choices. Instead this blog is about discovering alternative approaches and alternative ways. I will talk about what cruelty-free means, why go cruelty-free, what are some cruelty-free brands and where you could find them, etc.

I, myself, will be learning as I go and I would appreciate your feedback. Perhaps, I am missing something or there is an excellent article that I should check out, do not hesitate leaving comments or contacting me on via e-mail [ostarabanova@mix.wvu.edu] or on social media [ Twitter and Instagram].