Lush launches campaign to stop grizzly bear trophy hunting

On November 1, 2016 a documentary about grizzly trophy hunting was released on Lush Cosmetics North America’s official Youtube page.

Each year, trophy hunters in British Columbia kill hundreds of grizzly bears for their heads, paws and hides. Those that support this slaughter claim it’s necessary to maintain balance in nature and provide economic advantages, yet conservationists and activists say otherwise.

Presented by Lush Cosmetics, Trophy challenges this controversial “sport” that exists across North America and asks: can we truly justify killing these animals for entertainment?

According to every year trophy hunters kill thousands of animals:

In British Columbia, Canada, trophy hunting is legal and sanctioned by the government. Every year, trophy hunters flock to the wilderness hoping to shoot and kill North America’s most sought-after prize: grizzly bears. Last year, they killed 289 of them.

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You can watch the full documentary down below:

Lush encourages its customers to support the cause and spread awareness by watching the documentary, purchasing Great Bear bath bomb (it was made and designed specifically for the campaign), and signing the petition against trophy hunting.