Ezekiel Elliott wears custom cleats to stop animal cruelty

Dallas Cowboys players decided to wear special cleats during a game against the Minnesota Vikings to help raise awareness for a cause that they chose to stand for.

According to Foxsports Ezekiel Elliott, American football running back for the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL, encourages everybody to stop animal cruelty and adopt animals from shelters.

The campaign is called “My Cause, My Cleats,” encouraging players to wear custom kicks to support a charity (or cause) of their choice. For Ezekiel Elliott, he’ll be campaigning against animal cruelty while also pushing for more people to adopt from shelters.

His cleats feature paw prints, dog bones, the words “Adopt, Volunteer, Prevent Cruelty,” as well as a photo of his dog Ace.

Elliott is a proud owner of a dog, a rottweiler named Ace.

In October 2016 Elliott sponsored a $21 “Run to the Shelter” pet adoption day at Dallas’ SPCA of Texas. For each pet that was adopted on Monday, Elliott covered the difference of the cost after the adopting family payed its $21.