Megan Massacre: animal lover or not?

You might have seen a commercial starring Megan Massacre, New York based tattoo artist and alternative model. In this commercial Massacre promotes a hair dye ‘Feria’ by L’Oreal Paris.

Since L’Oreal is not a cruelty-free company, a lot of people are confused why Megan decided to promote this brand.

On her personal website Megan is described as an advocate for animal rights and a supporter of cruelty-free make up.

A passionate vegetarian supporter of animal rights, Megan has worked with PETA2 in an ad campaign about being vegetarian and has translated these efforts as she has started to showcase hot cruelty-free makeup looks and products with various cosmetic companies. This summer, she joined PETA2’s as the host of their new video series, Cruelty-Free Beauty, to show off her go-to items and beauty products.

As stated above Megan appeared on Peta2TV’s Youtube channel to promote cruelty-free make up brands and show hair and make up looks using cruelty-free products.